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Software Development > KetchupTeams (Factorio Scenario)

12/05/2020 00:00


KetchupTeams is a Factorio scenario script for multiplayer servers intended as an alternative to the "freeplay" scenario, providing players with a simple interface to create and manage their own forces without need for administrators to step in and set things up for them, and to provide server administrators with simple tools to manage their server.

KetchupTeams is not feature complete yet so we haven't submitted it on the Factorio mods site. You can find more information on installing a testing version below or see the script in testing on our server which you can find more information on at

If you would like to be notified when new versions of KetchupTeams are available please contact with the request in the subject. Our mail server is young and emails from us may end up in your spam folder, so it is worth adding our address to your contacts so you don't miss our messages.

Using KetchupTeams

Options when using KetchupTeams

KetchupTeams has been developed to be accessible to both users that wish to manage their teams via the Factorio console or via the KetchupTeams GUI. The Factorio console can be opened by hitting the grave key (`). In many regions this key can be found at the top left of your keyboard. The GUI can be opened by hitting the 'KetchupTeams' button at the top left of the screen.

GUI Overview

The image below shows the KetchupTeams GUI split into 4 sections.

The area highlighted in red shows a list of teams in the game next to a list of online players in the selected team.
The area highlighted in green shows a selection of controls available to manage teams. This selection will change depending on the state of the user. Users in no team will see controls required to make a team, team members will see controls to manage their membership within a team and team leaders will see controls used to manage team members and delete their team if they so wish.
The area highlighted in blue will only be shown to server administrators. These controls are intended to allow easy moderation of servers, and are to be used along side the '/admin' GUI.
The area highlighted in pink shows the buttons to close the KetchupTeams GUI or show the KetchupTeams "about" information.

Creating and Managing Your Team

Teams each have a team leader who is able to invite players to their team, kick players from their team and delete their team. Any other player that is invited to a team is a 'member' and has no control over the team. Members can leave a team at any time using '/ktleave'.
Teams, or forces can be created using the '/ktnew team', for example if I wanted to create a team named "teamName" I would run;
/ktnew teamName
For now Factorio only allows a maximum of 60 forces. To prevent players from filling this limit team leaders are not allowed to leave their existing team. Leaders may delete their team using '/ktdeleteteam' but will lose any research developments when doing so, and lose access to their Factories.
Players that are not already in a team can be invited using the command '/ktinvite player'. Players can only invited to join a team if they are online. If they log off before responding to an invite their invitation is automatically rejected. I wanted to invite a player named 'inviteplayer' to my team I would run;
/ktinvite invitePlayer
Once a player has been invited they can accept or reject your invitation using '/ktaccept' or '/ktreject'.
Team leaders can kick players from their teams using '/ktkick player'.

Full Command Listing

Important Notes for Server Moderators

Teams Scope

KetchupTeams can only be used to manage forces created using KetchupTeams. If forces have previously been set up manually then players won't be able to use KetchupTeams commands. This is done so that servers using forces to group administrators or moderators aren't intefeared with by KetchupTeams functions.

Use of Default Forces

By default a Factorio savegame initializes 3 Forces when started. These forces are 'player', 'enemy' and 'neutral'. KetchupTeams makes use of the 'player' and 'enemy' forces, so they should not be tampered with.
Players in the 'player' force are deemed "not in a team" by KetchupTeams, and will be able to create teams or join another player's team.
When a team is deleted their assets are moved to the 'enemy' team. This is done so that deleted factories don't just disappear and the map isn't left barren and dead. A player deleting their team may be left vulnerable to any defences they set up while in their team.

For Factorio V0.18.24 and Below

Servers for Factorio version 0.18.24 or below should be aware that there is a bug that will cause servers running KetchupTeams to crash if the server has more than 59 forces. This has been fixed as of version 0.18.25.

Getting KetchupTeams

As mentioned above KetchupTeams is still in testing and hasn't got a full release yet, but that doesn't mean you can't add the files to Factorio manually if you wish to do so. Be warned that this will provide you with an unstable copy of the script and may not work at all.

Manual Install

Step 1:
Head over to and download the latest zip package available from the list.

Step 2:
Locate the scenarios directory in your install of Factorio. The location of this directory will depend on how you downloaded Factorio, but from the base directory it can be found at the path "data\base\scenarios". A Windows user, for example may find this directory at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Factorio\data\base\scenarios".

Step 3:
Unpack the zip file you downloaded into the scenarios directory.
Once unpacked you will be able to start a new 'scenario' game selecting 'KetchupTeams'.


The source and history for KetchupTeams can be found on GitHub.
We are still working on KetchupTeams. Any bug reports, feature requests or other suggestions are warmly accepted. We ask that you send any such reports or requests via email to


KetchupTeams is only English right now, but if you are multilingual and can help us make things accessible to players speaking other languages that would be great! If you would like to provide translations for KetchupTeams please make a pull request to our GitHub repository with your translation for review. If you aren't sure how to make a pull request or have any other queries please don't hesitate to contact us.


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